Oporto bag


Combination of two fabrics, purple velvet nozzle. Inner pocket.

They all have loops to hang a handle.

Measures 19cm x 23cm

They have interior loops to hang a handle.

NOTE: the measurements may vary slightly, they are handmade one by one.

*Hand wash

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A Wallet designed for those who want a smaller Lisbon Wallet.

Just as pretty, comfortable and stylish!!!!


Point of Sale in Madrid

Green Grey-Tent

Calle General Pardiñas 80, 28006 Madrid


Elige la Tela Exterior

Algodón estampada con el diseño Belmonte., Bandana Colores, Jacquard Flores Lavanda, Liberty fondo verde, Oro, Rayas anchas blanco-negro, Tela flor japonesa, Tutti Colori, Zigzag colores


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